Create or Edit Your Candidate Profile

Your Candidate Profile is your online resume, which is maintained in the system on an on-going basis.  Once created, you will be able to search for current job opportunities, apply for jobs, create job alerts, check the status of your applications, and check your ranking on current employment lists, all from your profile.  You can log-in using the following links or learn more about your profile by reading below.

Use the link above if you do not currently work for LAUSD even though you may have in the past.

Use the link above if you have an LAUSD employee number and currently work for the District in either a full-time or part-time position as a regular, substitute, or temporary employee.


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Set Up Your Profile

Set Up Your Candidate Profile

Your candidate profile is your online resume, which contains all of your background information such as your job history; educational history; employment preferences; etc. You will have to create a profile to apply for any of our jobs.  You can create and maintain your profile without actually applying for a specific position. You only have to create your profile once and it stays in our system indefinitely. Once you create your profile, the information will automatically populate each application that you complete from that point forward, reducing the time it takes to complete an application.

You can create your profile using the appropriate link above or you can complete your profile as part of the first application you complete and submit with LAUSD.

Update Your Profile

Update Your Candidate Profile

You may log in to update or change the information contained in your profile, at any time.  Changes can be made by logging into our application management system using the appropriate link above.  If you apply to any jobs before creating an application, and make changes to your information, your candidate profile will update immediately.

Search For Current Job Opportunities

Search For Current Job Opportunities

Once logged in, choose the "Employment Opportunities" tab and then the "Job Search"tab.  You can search for jobs based on key words or by job class family.  You can also see the list of all open jobs by choosing the "Apply for Current Job Opportunities" tab.

Apply for a Job

Apply For A Job

Click on the job posting link to view the job bulletin which contains information about the job and the employment assessment process.  Make sure that you meet the minimum requirements listed on the job posting. Click APPLY at the bottom of the screen showing the job bulletin, to begin completing the application.  Once you press APPLY, the system will present you with an application wizard designed to assist you in completing and submitting your application.  After completing your application, including all required questionnaires, press the SUBMIT APPLICATION button.  You will be notified of the receipt of your submission by email.

Schedule an Employment Test

Schedule An Employment Test

Once you have applied for a job, you may be required to take an employment test.  Often, you are asked to schedule that test yourself, giving you the opportunity to find a time that best suits your schedule.  If you need to schedule a test, instructions will be emailed to you.  Those instructions will require you to log into your candidate profile and choose the “Schedule your Test” tab, to book a testing appointment.

Check Your Status on a Current Employment List

Check Your Status On A Current Employment List

If you are currently on an LAUSD employment list for a Classified job, you can check your ranking on the list from your candidate profile. To check your status, log in, choose "Candidate Profile" and choose "Eligibility and Ranking".

See a List of Your Current Applications

See A List of Your Current Applications

You can see a list of the applications you have submited from your candidate profile.  To view the list, choose the “Employment Opportunities” tab and then the “My Applications” tab.

Create a Job Alert

Create A Job Alert

You can sign up to be notified when we are accepting applications for a specific job. Once logged into your candidate profile, choose the employment opportunities tab, and then the job alerts tab.  To add a new job alert, click on the “Add” button, choose the job class family and job class for which you wish to receive an alert, and then choose “Add”.