Career Areas

An opportunity to join the LAUSD team is an opportunity to make an investment in your career.  Regardless of the field you choose, LAUSD offers an exciting chance to expand your skills and advance your career.




Essential to the management and support of our schools and offices is our administrative team.  Jobs in our administrative series include those that provide clerical support, those that manage offices and facilitate day-to-day operations within LAUSD, those that directly assist our executive staff members, and those that perform research and analysis for various departments within the District.  Staff members in these positions facilitate the day-to-day operations and anticipate and independently solve problems, so that District administrators can focus on educating our students.


Our Communications Team is committed to providing open, accurate, and effective information to our staff, students, parents/guardians, communities, and the public. We understand that maintaining an interactive conversation with our varying audiences is essential for building positive relationships. These relationships are the foundation for a strong school district that is truly unified. We tell the District's story to support the goal of preparing every student to graduate college prepared and career ready.

Joining our communication efforts is our team at the District’s television station, KLCS.  KLCS is a multiple Emmy Award-winning noncommercial PBS affiliate station.  The station provides an array of programs geared directly for our community.  KLCS reaches more than 15 million viewers in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.

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The Facilities Services Division delivers services in the areas of new construction, maintenance of existing facilities and grounds, real estate management, and school utilization. The Division serves over 1,100 school campuses as well as 120 other sites. The Facilities Services Division manages a $25.6 billion bond program which has the responsibility of building, improving and maintaining schools to ensure that all students have a safe and functional place to learn.  Complimenting this work, is the efforts put forth by our Environmental Health and Safety team.  This team inspects existing schools and reviews proposals for new school sites to ensure these sites are “healthy” and conducive to learning.

Of Note:

  • There are over 25,000 structures located on LAUSD property, each of which is maintained by our Facilities Services Division.
  • To date, LAUSD's voter-approved Bond Program has resulted in the completion of 600 construction projects providing more than 170,000 new seats for students.
  • LAUSD is committed to being a sustainable and environmentally friendly school district.  To this end, we are engaging in initiatives such as a solar energy program to recapture energy, a “Green LAUSD” program through which green space, gardens, and outdoor learning spaces are being added at schools, and building projects that include construction of energy efficient schools and classrooms.

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With a budget that includes over $5 billion in unrestricted funds and over $8 billion in restricted funds, it is essential that the District’s financial experts provide exceptional oversite and advice to ensure that all of the District’s financial transactions are performed with the utmost accountability and transparency.  Key LAUSD financial functions include areas such as financial planning and budget services, accounting, payroll, treasury, and auditing.

Of Note:

  • Our Payroll department oversees payment of compensation for our 66,000+ employees.
  • 92% of the District’s unrestricted budget is allocated to school site operations.
  • Our Office of the Inspector General conducted audits which saved the District over $5 million last fiscal year.

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Our Food Services Division, better known as “Café LA”, operates the largest School Breakfast Program and the second largest National School Lunch Program in the United States.  We serve over 700,000 meals each day, which include a healthy breakfast, lunch, and supper after school.  Our mission is “Nourishing Children to Achieve Excellence” and Café LA accomplishes this through our various meal programs that provide healthy nutrients and energy to support the academic and physical growth of children.

Of Note:

  • Over 150 million meals are served by our “Café LA” team each year.
  • Food items being considered as new menu entries are first tasted and evaluated by students at food tasting meetings – Café LA only includes items on the menu that students approve.
  • LAUSD is one of the first districts in the United States making vegan options available daily at a growing number of schools.

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With over 63,000 employees, including both instructional and non-instructional staff, our Human Resources functions are critical to our success. Our HR teams support the District by identifying, recruiting, hiring, and developing a talented workforce that directly contributes to excellence in education.

 Of Note:

  • Our Personnel Commission is an autonomous department that provides human resources services for the Classified (Non-Instructional) employees of LAUSD.  A central function of the Commission is to ensure that classified employees are selected for employment and promotion on the basis of their job-related skills and preparation.
  • Our Human Resources Department provides a full range of human resources services for the Certificated (Instructional) staff of LAUSD, including Teachers, Administrators, and Teaching Assistants, all who work in support of our K-12, Adult Education, and Early Childhood Education Divisions.

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Critical to all organizations is an innovative and strategic information technology function.  Our Information Technology Division leverages the latest technologies to optimize opportunities for student achievement and in support of technical solutions for our students and their families, our employees, and the community. The Division supports LAUSD by delivering services in areas including Educational Technology, Data Systems Operations and Security, Business and School Data Management, Infrastructure Support, Tele-communications Services, eMail Services, Enterprise Resource Planning System/SAP support, and IT Customer Support.

Of Note:

  • Our IT function provides services to our schools, offices and to our families, in total we support over 1.5 million users.
  • LAUSD has the largest K-12 computing network in the country.
  • We manage the largest student data warehouse nationwide.

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It takes a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about education, to successfully engage and instruct our students.  This team includes Instructional Assistants who take on many roles as they assist with implementation of the District’s instructional programs and reinforce the educational goals of LAUSD.  Instructional Assistants may be asked to support teachers in the classroom, lead classroom activities, assess students’ progress, and maintain critical student records.   Instructional Assistants may also assist in facilitating before and after-school programs for students.


The expert advice, counsel, and representation offered by our Office of General Counsel is essential in ensuring that our District continuously upholds the highest standards and ethics in support of a high-quality learning environment.  This office provides legal advice on a broad range of issues and represents the District in various types of legal matters.  To best provide quality service in such diverse technical areas, our office is organized into the following teams:

  • Business and Government Relations
  • Facilities Services
  • Labor and Employment
  • Education Legal Services

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The Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD) serves as both a fully functioning professional law enforcement agency, and as an active partner within the greater LAUSD community of students, parents, educators, staff, neighboring cities, and counties.  Our department focuses efforts on improving campus safety and creating safe school passages, so our students and staff can enjoy a safe learning environment.

Of Note:

  • LASPD has over 400 sworn police officers dedicated to serving LAUSD.
  • Our Police Department is the largest school district police department in the nation.
  • Our staff include a Canine Unit, a Bike Team and a Critical Response Team.

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Our Procurement Services Division acquires goods and services, houses and delivers food, supplies and equipment to District campuses and offices, and supports the District by providing guidance and assistance with the procurement process. The Division’s efforts to leverage the District's aggregate buying power results in a reduction in acquisition costs, an assurance of quality, and a commitment to timeliness of delivery or service.  Additionally, the Division continual introduction of technological innovations that streamline existing District purchasing processes, allows us to live up to our motto which is “To provide schools and administrative offices with goods and services they need - when they need them!.”

Of Note:

  • Each year, the Procurement Division purchases more than 7 million crayons, 2 million #2 pencils, and 2 million reams of copy paper.
  • We have more than 12,700 vendors registered to do business with us.
  • Our truck operations schedules close to 2,000 stops a day to deliver supplies and equipment.

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Protecting the District’s assets by identifying risks, developing and managing programs to control and minimize losses, and promoting safe, healthy and secure learning and work environments is the responsibility of our Risk Management and Insurance Services Division. The Division carefully assesses and manages diverse types of risks that, if left unchecked, may have an adverse impact on the District as a whole.

Of Note:

  • Our Integrated Disability Management Department manages our reasonable accommodation program, the workers’ compensation function, our staff attendance initiatives, as well as our “stay at work” efforts.
  • Our Benefits Administration Team administers the District’s comprehensive health and welfare benefit plans serving approximately 67,000 active employees, 37,000 retirees, and 100,000 eligible dependents. 
  • Our Risk Finance and Insurance Services functions oversee various insurance programs that aim to mitigate risks to our District.

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Our Transportation Services Division supports the District's academic programs by providing safe, dependable, and cost-efficient transportation services. The Division strives for 100% on-time arrival of school buses to pick-up and drop-off students.

Of Note:

  • The Division transports over 60,000 students daily using over 2,000 bus routes. 
  • LAUSD’s Transportation Services Division operates five major garage facilities serving over 3,000 District-owned buses, trucks, autos, vans, and power equipment. 
  • Our Transportation Services Division maintains the largest compressed natural bus fleet in California.

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