As an employee of LAUSD, acting with character and integrity is essential in building the trust of our stakeholders and of the community.  These courses focus on ensuring that our ethical code of conduct is strong, enabling us to make ethical decisions, even when faced with difficult situations.

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Developing Your Business Ethics It's not always easy to decide between right and wrong at work. Making ethical decisions can help to discern the right thing to do in difficult situations. One might think that business ethics are only an issue for upper management, but in fact, every employee should understand the importance of ethical decision-making. In this course, the participant will learn common myths about business ethics. They will learn about different approaches to ethics, the values and standards in a typical code of conduct, and how to develop one's own code. Participants will also learn ways to overcome obstacles to ethical behavior and steps for making ethical decisions. 26 minutes
The Ethics Enigma In the workplace, you never know when you'll be faced with an ethical dilemma. In a situation with no easy answers, how will you respond? This Challenge Series exercise explores the notion of acting with character and integrity, according to both personal and organizational values, to resolve a difficult issue. The learner takes the role of an employee struggling with whether or not to reveal knowledge of another person's past ethical misconduct. 15 minutes