Customer satisfaction is important to any organization.  Treating your customers with respect and providing exceptional service leaves the customer feeling valued and satisfied.  These courses offer expert guidance in many critical areas of customer service including how to establish successful customer relationships; provide strong telephone service; practice good listening skills; assist customers in solving issues; and deal with angry customers.

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An Attitude for Service This powerful program helps viewers understand that a great attitude isn't something that magically happens. Rather, it's a choice which people make in advance about how they're going to deal with life's events. 21 minutes
Controlling Conflict, Stress, and Time in a Customer Service Environment Working at a customer support center or help desk environment can be challenging. Customers can sometimes be demanding and unreasonable, leading to conflict and stress. The customer service representative (CSR) who aims for service excellence can improve customer relationships by understanding the emotional needs of each customer and adapting to how they communicate. In this course, participants will learn how to identify and resolve conflict, negotiate with customers, and develop strategies to better manage time and stress, and will also explore how a positive approach and attitude can benefit client service (CS). 32 minutes
Customer Care: Getting it Right This module has been developed to meet the needs of people who deliver customer care as part of their everyday jobs. Dealing with the public always has its challenges, and sometimes is far from easy, as it involves working with people and being the ‘human face’ of an organization. This course provides an excellent foundation for high-quality customer care needed to succeed in a service role. 63 minutes
Customer Service This course introduces steps to take to create a physical and/or online environment conducive to engaging customers, recognize and develop personal qualities that lead to successful customer interaction, and analyze ineffective customer service techniques in order to learn why they don’t work and how to avoid them. 23 minutes
Dealing with Customer Service Incidents and Complaints Failing to realize the importance of customer service and effective complaint handling leads to increasingly dissatisfied customers. Organizations must be able to address the needs of customers in an effective manner to succeed. This course is intended to show the proper procedures and processes needed to provide an efficient client service (CS). It covers how to improve customer relationships to reduce conflict and enable service excellence. Participants also learn how to provide accurate documentation for incident reporting. 30 minutes
Essential Telephone Skills Employees that conduct business on the telephone play a critical role in that organization’s success. Given the importance of that function, strong telephone skills are essential. This course has one goal: to improve the performance of your organization’s employees by identifying inappropriate telephone procedures and providing effective alternate techniques. 20 minutes
Facing Confrontation in Customer Service Achieving service excellence is very challenging when dealing with angry customers. By following a few simple techniques to avoid confrontation, one can manage difficult customer relationships and project a high-quality client service (CS). In this course, participants will learn about typical trouble spots in dealing with angry customers and guidelines for avoiding conflict. They will also learn how to handle a customer complaint by defusing the tension, investigating the problem, and coming to an agreement on a solution. 27 minutes
Listening to Your Customers The key to effective communication is practicing good listening skills. This Business Impact explores the concept of active listening and the crucial difference between hearing and understanding. 6 minutes
Polishing Your Skills for Excellent Customer Service As a customer service representative (CSR), creating a support culture that focuses on your customers' needs is key. In this course, you'll learn how to enhance your interactions with customers to project service excellence. You'll explore how to establish effective customer relationships that involve customers in problem-solving. Finally, you'll discover how to improve communication for a better client service (CS) in a cross-cultural customer support center or help desk environment. 24 minutes
Providing Effective Internal Customer Service When you do things to help other people within your company do their jobs better, you are providing internal customer service. The quality of that service often has a huge impact on the overall quality of client service (CS) delivered to external customers. In this course, participants will learn about types of internal customers and how to identify internal customer relationships. They will also learn about the importance of getting to know internal customers, identifying their expectations, and taking action on those expectations. Finally, participants will learn guidelines for providing internal customer service excellence. 30 minutes
Providing Telephone Customer Service When providing customer service over the phone, without face-to-face interaction, it can be challenging to establish the right customer relationships. There are many techniques that can help one consistently deliver service excellence over the telephone. In this course, participants will learn basic etiquette tips for answering, managing, and ending client service (CS) calls. They will also learn how to make a good impression by listening, using questions to probe for more information, minding tone, and empathizing with the customer. Finally, participants will learn ways of reflecting or adapting to their customer's style. 31 minutes
Service Matters The goal of this series is to present trainees with the experience and advice of real-world customer service superstars and to help them to see how they, too, can become exceptional service providers. Participants who successfully complete this series of courses have gained the skills and techniques needed to become a service superstar. 70 minutes