An inclusive workplace is defined as a work environment that makes every employee feel valued while also acknowledging their differences and how these differences contribute to the organization's culture and business outcomes.  These classes focus on the importance of supporting an inclusive business climate in which respect and positive recognition of differences are all valued.

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Bridging the Diversity Gap This course focuses on what diversity is and how to leverage the diversity within the organization. Participants will also explore the barriers, such as unconscious bias, that must be overcome to create a diversified and inclusive working environment. 27 minutes
Managing Diversity Leveraging diversity is a key for all organizations. This Challenge examines how diversity elements relate to business strategy. 15 minutes
Understanding Workplace Diversity Differences and similarities of ethnic, cultural, and family background are only part of a comprehensive approach to workplace diversity. This Business Impact explores additional elements that are crucial aspects of the diversity mixture in today's business world. 6 minutes
Your Role in Workplace Diversity To understand and appreciate diversity in the workplace, you must develop a deep understanding of yourself, as well as any unconscious bias you may have. Your ability to use a variety of strategies to effectively deal with diverse situations is very important. Equally important is the ability to share these effective strategies openly and leverage the diversity that exists within an inclusive organization. In this course, you'll explore how to become aware of your attitudes toward diversity, understand the source of any cultural bias you may have, and increase your acceptance of diverse cultures, people, and ideas. You’ll also discover how to become an advocate for diversity and inclusion within the workplace. 30 minutes