Project management is the application of methodologies, tools and processes to successfully plan and carry out projects. The project management process involves identifying effective team members and necessary resources to complete project goals within the identified timeline, budget and scope.  These courses cover various aspects of the project management process including a focus on data quality management along with other critical aspects of the project management process.

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Communication, Changes, and Documentation During the execution of project work, the project manager is responsible for communicating project performance. At this stage, project work has begun, and preventive or corrective changes may be needed to ensure performance aligns with the plan. Documentation of all project plans, activities, and changes is vital. Documents may be used for reference purposes, to avoid misunderstandings, and to record lessons learned for this and future projects. This course provides a foundational knowledge base reflecting the most up-to-date project management information so one can effectively put principles to work at their own organization. 60 minutes
Developing an Effective Business Case Presenting a business case to the executives of an organization company is a daunting task. The project manager needs to put time and effort into business planning, writing, and presenting to be successful. This course prepares learners interested in the development of effective business cases. They will learn what a business case is and when one is used, how to align it with the organization's goals, what research is needed, and what information should be included in the business case. Finally, participants will learn how to present their business case to decision makers. 30 minutes
Finding the Quality in Your Data Successful data management in the age of big data is a challenge. Applying data quality best practices while making adjustments and optimizations can help an organization meet its business goals. In this course, participants will learn about using data science in data quality management. They will also learn how to determine the quality of data, challenges and solutions for gathering quality data, and how to assess the value of data. 24 minutes