As technology advances and as our world changes, many of us are now working from home.  While working virtually may sound like a dream come true, it does pose many challenges.  These courses provide advice on how to make remote working a success for you and your team.

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Contributing as a Virtual Team Member In this course, participants will learn how to develop the skills needed to show team leadership and be an effective member of a virtual team. They will explore personal traits that are useful when working on a team remotely. Participants will also learn strategies to stay connected with other team members, and ways to manage time and overcome the challenges associated with managing teams remotely. 18 minutes
Establishing Effective Virtual Teams Building and managing teams is enough of a challenge when everyone is in the same location. Collaboration when working on a team that's virtual requires even more commitment. In this course, participants will learn about teamwork and team leadership when working on a virtual team. The course will also cover remote management and tactics for communication, assessment, and meetings for virtual teams. 30 minutes
Exploring Virtual Collaboration Digital technology enables colleagues working on a team to connect and work together, no matter how remote their location. Quick, reliable communication enables and facilitates working together as people telecommute from home. In this course, participants will learn the benefits of virtual collaboration when working with others, best practices for its successful implementation, and how to choose the right collaboration technology. They will also learn how to avoid common mistakes when rolling out virtual collaboration, and will explore the key steps for leading and being a part of a virtual team. 26 minutes
Managing Communications in a Virtual Team The manager of a virtual team must master excellent communication and understand the importance of virtual presence technologies. Learn how the manager of a virtual team can improve team communication and collaboration. 6 minutes
Online Meeting Etiquette If online meetings are run professionally and smoothly they can be a great use of people's time and an essential part of collaborating. If they aren't, they waste everyone's time and can place critical projects in jeopardy. With more companies decentralized, meeting virtually is a core business skill everyone must develop. This course helps students learn the fundamental skills needed to succeed in online meetings. 27 minutes