Being Approachable at Work

COURSE DESCRIPTION The foundation for mutual understanding is laid when you reach out to others and make yourself approachable. This course explores the benefits of approachability and how to use verbal and nonverbal language to develop and maintain our rapport, Image, and reputation at work.

Classified Growth and Development Tool

COURSE DESCRIPTION Employees and Supervisors ATTEND ONE OF OUR WEBINARS INTRODUCING THE CLASSIFIED GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT TOOL The Classified Growth and Development Tool is an online application that allows our Classified employees to plan their own career growth with LAUSD. The Tool provides a career planning process for employees, following a pre-defined performance framework.

The Evaluation Process for Classified Employees (Supervisory Cert Program: Level 2)

COURSE DESCRIPTION One key for supervisors to effectively manage performance and support employees is to use the Classified evaluation process. Evaluating performance is crucial to success for both employees and their work groups. This workshop covers: · The importance of the evaluation process · A review of what Performance Appraisals are · The timing requirements…

Critical Thinking Strategies for Better Decisions

COURSE DESCRIPTION Good decisions are the result of strong critical thinking skills and effective problem solving. In this course, we are going to learn how to think critically by cultivating our problem-solving skills and discovering strategies and methods for making complex decisions. We will learn how to detect inconsistencies and common mistakes in reasoning and…

Imprest Fund Accounting – Reports Only

COURSE DESCRIPTION Do you want to be more proficient in doing your Imprest Fund Accounting monthly and quarter reports? Then join us in this short session where you will learn to complete your reports with ease.

Retirement Planning Workshop for Classified Employees

COURSE DESCRIPTION If you are a Classified employee and considering retirement, this workshop is for you! This is an opportunity to ask questions and learn the import retirement facts from District and Cal-PERS representatives.

Cumulative Records for Secondary End of Year Procedures

COURSE DESCRIPTION Participants will have a better understanding of their role and responsibilities when it comes to the maintenance, preparation, and organization of our student Secondary Cumulative records after they culminate from middle school or graduate from senior high school.