Budget Accounting – Hyperlink Control Sheets

COURSE DESCRIPTION Learn how to set up and maintain the school Hyperlinked Control sheets to monitor and track program balances to ensure accuracy within the planned budget.

Communicating Effectively

COURSE DESCRIPTION In this session, you will learn how to: Avoid common obstacles to achieving "buy-in" from others;. Communicate with empathy when dealing even with the most demanding people; Master the art of connecting with others; Maintain composure when challenged. This class is part of the Exceptional Supervisor Certificate Program I.  Participants may take this as…

Budget Accounting

COURSE DESCRIPTION Learn the essentials of the school budget, get familiar with SAP reports, learn to create budget adjustments, and to print various school budget reports.

Creating a Powerful Professional Image

COURSE DESCRIPTION Returning back to the office and unsure what to wear to work? Don’t worry, we have the ultimate guide that will help you build a work ready wardrobe! In this course, you will learn how to assess and develop a powerful professional style that will boost your success in the workplace. We will discuss…

Change Management

COURSE DESCRIPTION Change is not an event; it is a process. Change can happen quickly and, in some situations, can be urgent! However, it can take time for individuals to make a transition from one way of working to another. This course provides you with strategies for leading changes within an organization, including effective approaches to…

Performance Management Part I

COURSE DESRIPTION Join as we explore: The Three Key Ingredients to Good Staff Management; The Components of Effective Evaluation Principles; and Acknowledging and Reinforcing Every Employee's Potential. This class is part of the Exceptional Supervisor Certificate Program I.  Participants may take this as a single class or sign up to attend the entire series.

Retirement Workshop

COURSE DESCRIPTION If you are a classified employee and considering retirement, this workshop is for you! This is an opportunity to ask questions and learn the important retirement facts from District and Cal-PERS representatives. Program highlights include: What to consider in selecting a retirement date How to calculate your service credit How illness and vacation…

Secondary Student Body Accounting Management

COURSE DESCRIPTION Participants will become familiar with the Student Body Policies and Procedures at the Secondary level. They will describe the process to operate Student Body fundraisers. They will become familiar with the basic steps to complete mandated reports and how to set-up and organize Secondary Student Body records. Recognized the end of the school…

Imprest Fund Accounting – Intermediate

COURSE DESCRIPTION In this training participants will be able to properly utilize the Imprest Fund and maintain records using the guidelines specified in Reference Guide 1706.4. We will cover Donation procedures, Reconciliation exercises, Organization of records, and what attachments are needed for Travel and Attendance at Conferences or Convention/Admission to field trips.

Business Writing

COURSE DESCRIPTION This workshop provides participants with a review of the essential of business writing, including grammar and punctuation, and offers strategies for composing well-written business document which communicate the message intended. This is part of the Exceptional Supervisor Certificate Program I.  Participants may attend as a single class or sign up for all classes…

Essentials for Zoom Presentations

COURSE DESCRIPTION Overwhelmed by all of the elements needed to deliver an effective Zoom presentation? Learn the essentials for delivering an effective Zoom presentation. We will show what every button does in the PC, iPad, iPhone and Android versions of Zoom. We’ll also address how to frame your image, adjust backgrounds and image quality, and…

The Evaluation Process for Classified Employees

COURSE DESCRIPTION One key for supervisors to effectively manage performance and support employees, is to use the Classified evaluation process. Evaluating performance is crucial to success on the job. This workshop covers: The importance of the evaluation process · A review of what Performance Appraisals are · The timing requirements for both probationary and permanent evaluations · The steps…

Current Time Reporting

COURSE DESCRIPTION Participants will learn up-to-date payroll concepts, absences and attendance type codes, time reporting corrections processes, and will review common SAP time-entry reports.

Cumulative Records for Secondary – Maintenance

COURSE DESCRIPTION Participants will have a better understanding of their role and responsibilities when it comes to the preparation, organization and maintenance of our student Secondary Cumulative Records at the beginning and ending of each semester.

HR and the Law

COURSE DESCRIPTION This workshop acquaints participants with key employment laws and offers suggestions on how best to supervise while maintaining compliance with the law. This class is part of the Exceptional Supervisor Certificate Program I.  Participants may take this as a single class or sign up to attend the entire series.

Elementary Office Procedures for Office Technicians

COURSE DESCRIPTION Participants will identify the benefits of being organized and the importance of office organization. Will discuss ideas on how to organize documents related to Elementary Enrollment and Cumulative Records according to LAUSD policies and procedures.

Goal Setting & Time Management for School Based Employees

COURSE DESCRIPTION Are you feeling overwhelmed? Stressed out? Too many tasks and not enough time? In this quick and entertaining webinar, you’ll learn the tips, tricks, and techniques to better manage your goals and time. Join us and start owning your time instead of letting time wasters own you!

Secondary Office Procedures for Office Technicians and Sr. Office Technicians

COURSE DESCRIPTION This workshop covers the importance of office organization procedures for creating a welcoming office environment for our parents, students, school community, and staff at secondary schools. Participants will identify the benefits of being organized and explain some organizational barriers to possibly help us increase work productivity. We’ll explain the record retention period and…